Tuesday, 18 September 2012 2 comments

The Sky Rocketing Outsourced Recruitment

The number of companies relying on outsourced recruitment expertise is sky rocketing. Recruitment services contributed $3 billion of total Australian revenue in the 2010-11 financial year and are forecast to steadily increase in the years to come (IBIS World 2012).

More and more businesses are turning to employment placement agencies to undertake part or all of their recruitment processes to avoid devoting internal resources to the task. Agencies of this type, not only provide outsourced recruitment, but can also provide value added human resource related services.  

Recruitment can be a particularly lengthy process; formulating job descriptions, attracting, screening, testing, investigating references and selecting the qualifying person for a job is not as simple as it sounds. You can outsource all or just part of these tasks depending on your experience and needs.

When considering outsourced recruitment you should expect a great deal of value including, excellent customer service, reduced cost per hire, increased quality of hire and an overall improvement in the recruitment process meaning you will be able to fill positions faster. 

Outsourcing also ensures job advertisements reach larger audiences so as to scrape in all possibility of hiring only the best candidates for your company. This is because specialist recruiters have large networks of people in search of new and exciting opportunities that you may not be able to reach otherwise.

The employment placement services industry is commonly comprised of four departments:

1. Employment agencies that tend to focus more on temporary roles in the trade industry. 

2. Job search engines; they are successful and cost effective when used to advertise a job to a large demographic and geographic region. However, they are limited because they create a huge influx of resumes making the reading and elimination process challenging and time-consuming. 
3. Head-hunters focus on searching for suitable candidates for higher positioned, professional roles such as executives and CEOs. Head hunters are networking specialists as their job relies on using these networking skills to recommend suitable contenders to opening job roles. 

4. Niche agencies focus on e-recruitment for just one or two particular industries.
The four services above all differ in that they each only cover a few sections of the recruitment process. However, outsourced recruitment with HR experts takes on a more holistic approach offering a complete HR solution. SMB’s without their own HR departments are advised to use experienced outsourced HR and recruitment companies such as EI. 

HR providers have a large focus on the hiring and recruitment process, they are familiar with on-going training that needs to be undertaken for the individual to progress their career within your business, long-term strategy and will take care of all the admin and paperwork that comes hand in hand with on boarding new staff.

The recruitment process is time-consuming and can be extremely challenging without the correct knowledge and expertise within your business. By passing these duties on to outsourced recruitment or a HR expert you will choose to increase the time you spend on the goals and innovations of your core business whilst being advised by a HR expert on what will work best for your business.